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Human Resources and Organizational Development

QSH - Gestão Inteligente is now part of the ABRA GROUP and places at the disposal of companies a differentiated service in Organizational Consultancy, and Developing Leadership, Attraction, Selection and Capacitation.

Our main aim is to aid companies in the most wide-ranging segments to obtain their results by means of rationalization and organizational development, promoting the commitment of professionals to the objectives and goals of the organization.

We employ a work methodology, based upon the experience gained in companies and projects already implemented and approved, adapting it to the reality of each organization. Linked to this, we place a high value on making our projects simple and agile, making them consistent and applicable in daily activities.

To achieve this, we have a highly qualified and updated team, which knows the requirements of the companies in the region in depth. We also have as a differential the development of the learning required to allow the continuity of the projects implemented.


We have solutions focused upon the specific requirements of each customer.

We have a team of updated and highly capacitated consultants.

We emphasize agility, creativity, flexibility, empathy and assertiveness in executing our projects.

We know the requirements of the companies in the region.

We capacitate the customer to maintain the development process.


Consultancy and Assistance in Organizational Development – structuring and restructuring of employee roles, survey of internal and external satisfaction, assessment of performance, Job Titles and Salaries and Staff Management.

Permanent consultancy and assistance in Payroll, Job Titles and Salaries, Training and Development and Staff Management.

Capacitation – courses, lectures, workshops, forum of discussion and benchmarking about issues related to developing managers and teams.

Organizational Coaching – individual and collective focusing on developing competences and being result oriented.

Searching and Hunting for professionals to handle different market segments and companies of
varied sizes.

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